Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Professional Development Books ~ #sol17

I believe being a writer is one of the biggest gifts you can give to your students. ~ Stacey Shubitz

This month I am participating in the Slice of Life Story Challenge.  Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for creating a space for me to share my corner of the world.

Friday I wrote about a new addiction, Ink Joy gel pens, and it seems that I have lots of company with that addiction.

Today's post is about another obsession - buying professional books.  Yes, I have many more than I need, and yes, I have some that I have not even read.  "But I might learn something new" is my mantra and my justification when it comes to purchasing professional books.

Reading professional books is cheap PD.  Many school districts are decreasing professional development opportunities for teachers due to budget cuts, and what I learn from reading these books and apply in my classroom, is well worth the money.

It is our responsibility as professionals to stay current in best teaching practices and to learn new ideas of what works in classrooms.  Why would we not want to improve our teaching?  Why would not want to personalize our PD to fit our individual needs and our passions? Why would we not want to read information on which to base our instructional decisions?

David Guerin wrote a great post "So You're an Educator and You're Not Reading" about taking ownership for our professional growth through reading professional books.  It's a great read and further justification for my (and maybe your) addiction.

So what new books did I just order that will be pushing my thinking soon?  Here's my list that should be arriving this week:

What professional books have you read or purchased lately?


  1. I love to read. Recently ordered books:
    Seven Brief Lessons on Physics
    Life is a Verb
    The Woman at the Washington Zoo
    Teaching Skills for Complex Text
    Flow magazine
    What the Living Do
    Gelli Printing

  2. Those are three really good ones, and I love the reminder that we should all be reading and pushing our practice!

  3. We are kindred spirits!! I love reading professionally! I love Ten Things Every Writer Needs to Know by Jeff Anderson. If you haven't read it, check it out!

  4. Oh, I shouldn't have stopped by. I'm really interested in Disrupting Thinking, but I keep telling myself retired teachers don't need PD books. My daughter eyed my four shelves of PD books the other day and asked, "When will you be ready to get rid of them?" My reply, "Not yet."

  5. I do the same thing. I read about professional books I might need and then I try not to order. I am never on top of all of the reading. But I keep trying and am always learning from what I do read!

  6. I have a pile of PD books that I've skimmed and scanned. I need to commit to reading and then passing them on. (P.S. I love the graphic of the square wheel, tee-hee!)

  7. You would be surprised at how many teachers I meet with that have not read a single professional book. Simply sad! I have two of the three and waiting for the third. I love the Notice and Note nonfiction even more than the one for fiction. Can't wait to read Disrupting Thinking. I have the same addiction to professional books that you have.

  8. I love professional books. I always feel shocked when talking with teachers who don't seem to read any at all, who don't have any favorites. I just got Writing Strategies not too long ago. Already had Reading Strategies. The Big Book of Details has a lot of great ideas for elaboration in writing. I also enjoyed Close Writing. Another recent favorite- Who's Doing the Work?- the entire ebook is available on Stenhouse free. That site always has at least one book available in entirety, and long previews of others.

  9. I so understand this addiction!

  10. Recent PD book -
    How Children Learn Number Concepts
    by Kathy Richardson