Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Teacher's Rally Cry - A Snipped Poem #sol17

I believe being a writer is one of the biggest gifts you can give to your students. ~ Stacey Shubitz

This month I am participating in the Slice of Life Story Challenge.  Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for creating a space for me to share my corner of the world.

March is a time when we look and notice with a keen eye.  We notice small moments, and we look for stories of the past and of the everyday.  We wonder about the ordinary and marvel at the extraordinary.  We open our notebooks...

and yes, we steal ideas from others!  

As is the case with today's slice.  I found this idea on Pinterest, but the idea is a 2013 slice from Elsie at Elsie Tries Writing who took the idea from Alan at Living Life Twice. (See what I mean about stealing!)

Today's slice - a snipped poem - started out like this.  I cut words and phrases from magazines.  (I have to admit, this became a little addicting.)

After snipping, I began arranging and rearranging the words, grouping them together to form ideas.  I found that I had several different threads, but when put together, just didn't make sense.  After further arrangements, I began to see a common thought merge from the menagerie of snippets.  

What I found was a sort of rally cry.  I know teachers who question if teaching is what they want to be doing for the rest of their lives.  I know teachers are approaching the testing season and wonder if they have done enough.  I know teachers are exhausted, yet need to make it through these last few months of the school year.

This poem is for all of us, to help us realize we have important work to do and to encourage us to carry on.

I found the strength to do what I
       love --
making a difference,
to give others hope,

Oh, I wish...
the challenge ahead    
doesn't have to mean
everything perfect,

Don't just live --                     give something wonderful,
a change for the better,

Brave hearts --                        
you can make it.
Today is your day!


  1. Inspiration is meant to spread. Well played.

  2. Great idea to take snippets of text and compose a poem. Yesterday was World Poetry Day so this post is timely. Today I am offering a poem so we can savor the sounds we hear and find peace, Leigh Anne. Have a great day!

  3. Thanks for these words that affirm and inspire!

  4. Now, how come when I clip from magazines it looks like a murder ransom letter but when you do's stunningly beautiful and deep.

  5. Wow! Now, that's a rally cry, and one much needed! What a fun
    "We notice small moments, and we look for stories of the past and of the everyday. We wonder about the ordinary and marvel at the extraordinary. We open our notebooks...

    and yes, we steal ideas from others!"
    Yes, indeed! Have you read Austin Kleon's STEAL LIKE AN ARTIST? Your lines remind me of that book. ;-)

    1. Weird - some of my comment disappeared. I meant to say, "What a fun activity." And, "Your opening lines made me laugh:..."

  6. Love this and what fun! I may have to try this one day too! Love the photo of all the mixed up, cut up phrases too ... waiting to be sorted and created into something meaningful together.

  7. I've been waiting for this to appear. :-)
    What a great message for all! Didn't you discover this is much harder than it looks? I have not done it since that one in 2013.

  8. What a clever idea and lovely poem.

  9. I love this idea. And your poem is perfect for this time of year. Thanks for sharing!

  10. That is so cool!!! I love it -- so creative. I have not tried any scaffolds or creative ideas this month. I keep meaning to and then then my post just writes itself. I love that you put the actual pieces of paper in the post too. Great poem -- it is a rally cry for sure.

  11. Love it - and too much fun! I can see how this would become addictive ...

  12. This looks totally addicting and fun! We did this in my little hometown book group about a decade ago, so I believe it's time to resurrect this activity for our current lives. Thanks for sharing ANOTHER great idea, Leigh Anne!

  13. What fun! And I can se how it would become addictive!

  14. This is awesome! What a great idea - and an awesome rally poem. :-)

  15. I love this idea and the poem that emerged. We all need a dose of brave these days!

  16. You were right! This was the perfect rally cry for me to read right now. I love this!!