Monday, March 2, 2020

A Book that Deals with Mental Illness #MGBOOKMARCH

I am joining folks at MG Book Village on Twitter to share some middle-grade book love this month. Each day has a different prompt, and people share their favorite book that fits that prompt. What a great way to learn about new titles and add to my TBR list. Here is day Two!

A book on mental illness:

So B. It by Sarah Weeks

Again, there are many I could have chosen about characters with mental illness. So B. It. Although this is an older title, it is the most recent one that I have read.

A lot of dots go unconnected in this book for me, but it is still a beautiful story of a girl trying to find her roots. Heidi lives with her mother who is mentally disabled, and both are cared for by an agoraphobic neighbor. Her mother keeps repeating a word that makes no sense to Heidi, so she sets off across the county to find out who she is, where she comes from, and maybe what the word means. Sometimes the answers we so desperately want or need, aren't what we thought they would be. So B. It is a perfect middle-grade book.

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  1. This is a great challenge that you are posting about... And thank you for posting about a book with kids dealing with a parent with significant mental health. It's not easy for a family, and kids need more mirrors on this topic.