Saturday, March 21, 2020

And of Course, She Did #SOL20

We have been on spring break this week, so this whole eLearning has not been a focus for me...yet. However, I did put out a post on our Team Facebook Page with a Padlet for kids to share writing. 

An email arrived in my inbox Friday night from a student asking what I wanted her to write about in this space. I told her it was a free write, and she could write about anything she wanted.

I knew Kyndall several years before she became my student. She went to a summer camp for high ability students and was in several of my creative writing sessions. Kyndall loves to write poetry and often asks if she can write when we have a few extra minutes during class. We emailed back and forth for a while, and I got tickled when she asked if she could write more than one on the Padlet. 

And of course, she did!

I shared a poem that I had written about middle school love notes with nothing but questions. I suggested that she might try this craft move too. 

And of course, she did!

I went back to copy her poem so that I could share it with you here today and to see if she had written any others.

And of course, she did!

Here are two that I have chosen to share with you today.


I have a story 
and it has many pages 
I flip the page of my story 
my curiosity awakens 
I look at the page
and my eyes open
I think more and more
until my story opens 
and until my imagination has blown
Creating a wonderful world 
with its powerful words 
on this page I can see
it can give me a place to go 
when I have no where 
I feel opened 
I feel happy 
I feel like the world has melted away 
and it gives me a space to grow and to play
where I can let my imagination 
And fly away


sometimes you look everywhere 
sometimes you can't quite find yourself 
sometimes you look inside and out
to gather yourself
and sometimes 
when you gather yourself 
you find yourself

Many of the poems Kyndall wrote deal with middle school problems - feeling alone and finding themselves. Looking forward, I know as a teacher I need to find more ways for students to express themselves through poetry. I am honored that Kyndall has let me share her writing on my blog and blessed to have read it.

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  1. I love these. She is a fabulous poet!

  2. These are amazing poems. I may need Kyndall to give me so pointers. All my poetry sounds the same. She is an amazing poet. Glad you shared.

  3. She is a remarkable writer.
    "I can let my imagination
    And fly away"

  4. Love these lines from Kyndall's poem:
    "Creating a wonderful world
    with its powerful words
    on this page I can see
    it can give me a place to go
    when I have no where"
    How wonderful that you created a space for your students to share! Lucky students! Lucky you to have students wanting to write poetry. Free writing for a time when students need a space to give voice!

  5. Kyndall took the open invitation and soared!

  6. These are incredible, Leigh Anne! What a talented and thoughtful young writer. Thank you for sharing these words with us, and thanks to Kyndall, too!

  7. That is so amazing how you are guiding her in creative writing, but you are both growing and expanding in your creative lives through this relationship. Loved the poem on Thoughts. A good reminder that our thoughts can free us.