Sunday, March 29, 2020

Confirmation #SOL20

the clouds masking the past few days 
giving way to a welcoming sun

the winds escorting the rain and humidity
making room for refreshment

the deep breath
cleansing the fear, 
the uncertainty, 
the invisibility

until news 
of the confirmation

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  1. This is a beautiful poem. Your last two lines certainly add a gut punch though.

  2. We all have this news coming. Such a sad time. I don't even turn it on anymore.

  3. Oh no, Leigh Anne. I'm so sorry. Someone in your family or school? As Margaret said it does feel as if we all have this news coming. Be well.

  4. There are really no words... but the feeling...

  5. Invisibility is the mark of the virus until it rears its ugly head. Stay grounded, Leigh Anne. We are in the midst of the virus and it is scary for sure. I am sorry that your area is now marked. Stay safe!

  6. Oh, Leigh Anne, I was breathing in the beauty of your words until the last two lines. So sorry. Sending prayers.