Thursday, March 5, 2020

A Snowmanless Winter #SOL20

It's March, and I should be thinking about flowers and green grass and redbud trees and forsythia. 

Not snowmen!

After Thanksgiving, we had our annual Christmas door decorating contest at school. My door had a snowmen theme. Each student in my homeroom made a snowman face and decorated it in a silly way. The sign said, "We are all snow unique."

When we returned in January, I thought I would leave it up for a while longer. A few weeks passed and people were asking, "Mrs. Eck, when are you taking those snowmen down?"

"Oh, I think I will leave it up until we have a snow day," I said.

The snow day never came.

February came. "Mrs. Eck, when are you taking those snowmen down?" they asked.

"I'm keeping them up until we get at least a 2-hour delay."

The 2-hour delay never came.

But the snowmen came down today.

And spring had better come! 

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  1. Ah. Love that door picture. Not much snow here, for building snowpeeps.

  2. Smile :) Somehow, I have a feeling your will get at least a little snow NOW! It's been the least snowy winter of all times here; hoewver, I know there is still time and mother natures has a CRUEL sense of humor!

  3. Your post made me chuckle. Snowless winter in Estonia too. We had only few days of snow last week, and this happened after the spring flowers had bloomed in February.

  4. We've had a record amount of snow in Wisconsin, but no delays or snow days...yet. I am still keeping my fingers crossed!

    I bet your students will ALWAYS remember this.

  5. Only one school day. missed here (and a couple of two hour late starts) Our snow is melting quickly--not quickly enough for me, though!

  6. When I put the Christmas decorations away I replace them with snowmen. Until I grow tired of them - and like you I always think as soon as I put these away the snow will come. By the way - I didn’t put any snowmen out after Christmas this year - I wonder if there is a connection as we’ve had very little snow too!

  7. Love the pic of the door and thinking of the students who made them. I still have my white lights on the deck, but will unplug them this weekend when we spring forward. I put my snowmen away last week. March snow days can happen!

  8. I, too, was hoping for a snow day sometime between Christmas and Spring break, but none here either. And I, too, am over it now and ready for spring!

  9. This has been a relatively snow-less winter for us as well. I think our kids may have had one or two late starts but no snow days.