Tuesday, March 3, 2020

I Remember...My Wedding Day #SOL20

Today I mined my notebook and found a series of "I remember..." entries. I expanded a few of them to write the story of my unconventional wedding day.

I remember the night I got married. 
          There were no invitations.

I remember telling my sister we were getting married, and she asked when. 
          I said tonight at 7:30.

I remember borrowing a camera. 
          I wish I had known the film wasn't in right.

I remember saying "I do."
          The church was empty.

I remember walking into Dave's mom and dad's house all dressed up, and she asked where had we been.
          We said a wedding.

I remember she asked whose wedding.
          We said ours.

I remember her crying.
         Dave was the only child out of seven she didn't see get married.

I remember her hugging me.
          I was welcomed into the family.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your touching story, Leigh Anne.

  2. A totally different slice than I expected to read! I love the way you set it up in couplets.

  3. Your mining unearthed a gem. Thanks for sharing your unconventional wedding day.

  4. This is NOT the slice I was expecting when I saw your title and yet it was such a wonderful, unexpected slice of REAL life. MOST weddings are not like you Say Yes to the Dress!

  5. Wow, that's amazing, what a great slice!

  6. Not the slice I expected, but a beautiful slice! I like the simplicity of it--the wedding and the slice!

  7. Thank you for sharing this, Leigh Anne. Weddings should fit the personalities and wants of the bride and groom!

  8. I love the style of this post and the style of your wedding. Both so unique! I may have to try an I remember post!

  9. Oh, my, that is an unconventional wedding story. The retelling was fascinating and beautiful. I'll look forward to a followup post (maybe). Thank you.