Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Tell Me about Green #SOL20

Today I share the words from one of my students, Jillian, who wrote to a writing spark today. 

Breathe in the hope they bring and let them be enough for today.

Green makes me think of the outdoors. It makes me think of climbing to the top of the tallest tree in the woods and looking down at all of God's beautiful creations. Green also makes me imagine myself frolicking in a pile of leaves, hair down and glistening in the wind. The color green makes me happy.

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  1. Lovely quick spark writing, Leigh Anne.
    For your students:
    green glows of nature
    welcoming springtime joy-
    good by winter

  2. Your student's words made me smile! And so do these words from you:
    "Breathe in the hope they bring and let them be enough for today"

  3. These words fill me with joy and lightness.

  4. I wrote a post about green today. Color inspiration is spreading. Green makes me hopeful, too.

  5. This is beautiful. I'm glad you shared it here too.

  6. Green is my favorite color and this bit of writing makes me love it all the more!

  7. What a lovely spark. I love this student writing! How fantastic! Thank you for sharing.

  8. So lovely. Jillian nailed it, I believe. Margaret Simon was inspired by green today, too. Such a hopeful color, isn't it.