Wednesday, March 11, 2015

SOLC #11 It's All A Matter of Time

The Slice of Life March Challenge is hosted by Two Writing Teachers.  

Last night was the first night of this challenge that I did not have a post written and ready to go.  But I was tired and went to bed.

This morning we have a fog delay.  After I received the phone call, my immediate thought was, "Oh, good.  I have some extra time to write a slice."  Here I am sitting at my desk at school and thinking about the word time.  It seems like we either never have enough or have too much.  Sometimes it goes too slow and other times it goes too fast.  

The past three weeks time has created havoc in my life, which is why I am tired and did not have a slice for today.

A few weeks ago, we knew our state testing was coming up.  Then, we learned about the number of hours our new test was going to take.  This was much different than the past tests, but we had our schedule made and were ready to go.

Because of the extensive time, the state decided to extend our testing window, or the amount of time available to administer the test.  We changed our schedule again.

Because of the many protests against the increase in the amount of time our students would spend testing, the state decided to decrease the number of hours of the test.  This resulted in another schedule change.  

A new schedule was made and now enter snow days into the mix.  We had three snow days and a  2-hour delay which again created changes in our schedule.  

This week in the middle of our testing, Daylight Savings Time enters the picture.  From all the slices I have read about this topic, you already know what DST does to a person's sense of time.

Yesterday our testing ended. I went home, took a breath, and didn't write.  I was tired, and I didn't have a slice.

Our schedule this week is not typical either.  Today is Wednesday, and we have two early dismissal days and we are counting down the days to spring break which is next week.  

This one little word ~ time ~ is the reason why I am exhausted, and the reason why I have a slice today.  Thank you 2-hour fog delay!

The current view outside my window at school.


  1. Loved the bolded time references in this piece. It was definitely worth the wait!

  2. I know how you must feel! Teaching in the states with standardized testing is tough! Glad it's over. By the way, love this line, "It seems like we either never have enough or have too much." So true!

  3. A fog delay?! That's a new one. I didn't realize that was a thing. can be a blessing and a curse, huh?! It has such a big effect on our lives. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  4. I'm exhausted just reading about all those ups and downs and changes! Hoping for some consistent time in your future...

  5. Oh, my, so many changes. Good you had the fog delay. Even better, you have a spring break coming up. A whole week in the middle of March challenge to read and write. (I know there are other things too, but still, a whole week!)

  6. Time is our friend. And time is our enemy. We can never win with time, can we?

  7. We finished testing Monday. We started today with a 2 hour delay, then a 3 hour delay, and finally cancelled. It has allowed me to do a lot of commenting today. 9 days til our spring break. Then maybe we can all come back rested and ready to finish out the year.

  8. I so needed to read this post, Leigh Anne - every day, I feel as though I have run out of time.

  9. Do we all feel like this in March? Testing was draining and then to add the time change into the mix, whew!! I'm glad you got the chance to write this morning and I hope your day was nice and clam. :)

  10. I loved this the first time I read it! Then I read it aloud to my husband and read the bolded words with some attitude :) Ahhh, much better. We are in testing frenzy over here. I could feel that the schedule changes were starting to feel like a waste of TIME :) Glad you can take a deep breath now!

  11. Oh my, how do the students understand, I even got confused. I'm glad you had a fog delay & got to take a really deep breath.

  12. "This one little word ~ time ~ is the reason why I am exhausted..." I understand.