Wednesday, March 4, 2015

SOLC #4 Social Media ~ 80's Style

The Slice of Life March Challenge is hosted by Two Writing Teachers.  

Today, kids are inundated with the pressures of growing up with social media.  They have texting, email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.  With the click of a button, they give the entire world access to 
their words, 

their thoughts,

their pictures,      

their life,

and they have access to the entire world.

Flashback 35 years ago...

A bag of notes from my high school years.  

Back in the 80's we had social media too.

We had notes.  With the meticulous folding, creasing, and tucking of notebook paper, our friends had access to 
our words,

our thoughts,

our pictures,

our life,

and we had access to our own little world.
 the only world that mattered
when we were teenagers.

Here is our text talk - we would use the first letter of a word
to write messages and see if our friends could decode them.

Unlike today's kids, we didn't have to worry about our notes being exploited in the hands of the world ~ only the hands of our teachers or the person who we were writing about...and we were usually writing about someone.

I am still friends with the seven authors of these notes, and that is tomorrow's slice.


  1. Seeing all the notes you collected back when note passing was the norm, it brings back memories. Technology has changed (complicated) that for children today.

  2. I had to read your post when I saw your reference to the 80's. I too have kept most of my "passed" notes - long and short, that were our "social media." I appreciate the photos to bring back those memories.

  3. I love that you have all those notes and think about them as social media. I didn't keep any and I know they would be funny to look back at now. Your title certainly peaked my interest and I remember how fun it was to go to the mailbox and letters from my friends when they went to college or while I was at college.

  4. Ah, the memories... "With the meticulous folding, creasing, and tucking of notebook paper" takes me right back to the 80s. Great post! And I love that you kept your notes!

  5. Life seemed so much easier back in the 70's & 80's. No worries about who was going to see what or take our notes out of context. How special that you kept those notes and continue with the authors' friendships.

  6. Leigh Anne, I love the pictures of your notes. Remembering the days! I wrote letters to family members and friends from camp. Through writing letters, I believe I developed writing skills. I love this post! A favorite!

  7. Oh, this was a riot to read! Yes, brought me back to the days of the folded notes. I wonder if I kept any?!? And the kids today would just laugh at this ... Love your "text talk" -- lots of critical thinking there trying to decipher the meaning of those messages!! Thanks for this slice!

  8. This post made me smile. :) I remember those notes all too well, and seeing them juxtaposed against what my students have today, and the reminder that theirs go out to the world at large and can be used on a larger scale to hurt them, really hit home.

  9. I absolutely love that you saved your notes! I so wish that I gives you a glimpse into your teenage self. Do you remember folding them up into little triangles that you could flick across the room when the teacher turned his back??

  10. What a treasure!
    Enjoyed the connection you made between now and then! So true.

  11. I can't believe you still have these notes! You were ahead of the LOL, OMG, world with your notes. Can you still read those lettered messages?

  12. This made me laugh. I was not a note writer, but I did my share of passing notes to and from others in class hoping the nuns wouldn't catch on to what was happening. Thanks for the memory.

  13. This made me smile. The memories of the 80s --- and notes. It was an art to be able to pass them during class, probably much like pulling your phone out in class is today. I had to laugh at our "text talk." I didn't save all of my notes, but when I go back to read my yearbook I don't even know what half of it means anymore.

    The structure of your piece worked so well. You have created a powerful message by choosing just the right words.

    Here's to the 80s!

  14. I can't believe you saved all these. How awesome. I remember writing and reading long notes from friends. They distracted me as much as today's cell phones and messaging do our students today@

  15. Awesome.

    You have NO IDEA how jealous I am that you still have all of your notes. Wish I had some of mine. Love this post.

    Happy writing,

  16. This is inspiring. I don't think I have notes, but I know I have cards and love letters from the Mr. Oh...that's going to be on the plan for writing! I'll need some time to research. Thanks for sharing! This was awesome!

  17. The post would ring true without the photos, but boy, oh, boy do those images transport me to the past! I love the acronyms we used to create, much like text-speak nowadays. This is a fun comparison--I like the phrasing about the "hands of the world" especially.