Tuesday, March 17, 2015

SOLC #17 The Rumor

The Slice of Life March Challenge is hosted by Two Writing Teachers.

It did not take long
To spread through town
Rumors do that you know

One person starts
and the next thing you know

People were talking
People were texting
People were tweeting
People were Facebooking

Was it true?
Could it really be?

That Walmart got 500 new carts!

It doesn't take much to get a small town excited!


  1. Haha, I love the funny twist at the end. Sometimes I feel that way at my school. Rumors fly so quickly. It doesn't take long before it can get out of hand.

  2. Small towns are the best and the worst. You're poem shows both. Love the cart pic at the end too!

  3. Your lead grabbed me -- I had to read the rumor. You left me with a laugh!

  4. Bwhahahahaha! I Love Small Towns. Oh Good News travels fast.

  5. haha...I thought it would be a juicy rumor! :)

  6. LOL and a big smile! Could it be true?!

  7. Then the story grows and grows.

  8. I love how you said"was it true could it really be"That made me want to know whats next"Walmart got 500 new carts"that part made me laugh because I was so into it but then "walmart got 500 new carts" oh how funny.

  9. So much better than a nasty, hurtful rumor :)

  10. I love small towns for just this reason! It's great that new carts at Walmart can be big news! It's so much better than the alternatives that make up the usual facebook/text/tweet rumors! Enjoy those shiny new wheels!

  11. A much better rumor than what I originally thought when I started reading! Gotta love small towns. I would love to know what a Facebook post about new Walmart carts sounds like :-)

  12. Ha! Well - enjoy those carts! Looking forward to learning what's next on the grapevine...

  13. So, if rumors persist and grow, they should have 1,000 by this time tomorrow. Thanks for the smile.