Monday, March 30, 2015

SOLC #30 From My Patio Chair

The Slice of Life March Challenge is hosted by Two Writing Teachers.

This is an adaptation of posts I have seen this month. 

From my patio chair I feel...

the warm sunshine on my face
reminding me that summer will come

a slight breeze in the air
blowing my papers I need to be grading

From my patio chair I hear...

the chirping of birds
announcing that spring is here

the sound of a train
traveling through town toward its far away journey

From my patio chair I see...

early insects
reflecting the sun's rays

my dozing husband 
thinking he was just going to close his eyes

From my patio chair I enjoy...

the slow-down pace
reminding me not to take any of this for granted


  1. A lovely place to be! Enjoy the slower pace , Leigh Anne.

  2. I was just outside too, decided to come back in to read a few more slices. It's hot! (not griping)

  3. Oh I agree completely!!

    Enjoy your patio chair!!!

  4. Mmm. You sent spring to me with your writing!

  5. I enjoyed the structure of your writing... it made me long for my patio chair but gave me a taste of warmer weather in the mean time.

  6. Sitting on the patio....I was dreaming when I read your post! It has been way too cold here. Your words bring hope...summer will come!

  7. Ah, I want to hang out in that patio chair. Lovely.