Friday, March 6, 2015

SOLC #6 Spectacles

The Slice of Life March Challenge is hosted by Two Writing Teachers.

Every Thursday Laura Purdie Salas hosts 15 Words or Less Poems.  If you are looking for a slice idea on a Thursday, you might check out her blog and give it a try.  Below are the guidelines from her blog.

"Look at the picture, brainstorm three things the pictures makes you think of or reminds you of, and write a quick poem of 15 words or less (not counting the title). It does not have to describe the picture. It does not have to rhyme. Most importantly, it does not have to be “good.” Don’t put pressure or expectations on yourself. This is just a creative exercise!"

Here is this week's picture prompt, my poem, and the story behind my inspiration.


Perched upon my head
like a bird guarding her nest
Waiting to see the world

I have been wearing reading glasses for several years, and I cannot see a thing close up without them.  The first year I had the glasses I would lose them constantly at school because I would set them down and not remember where they were.  The next few years, I was still able to see with my older glasses, so I kept several pairs of glasses at school.  This allowed me to have a pair in the back of the room and in the front of the room.  

But this was still frustrating, because I was still asking, "Has anyone seen my glasses?"  Or I would be searching for something and the kids would say, "Are you looking for your glasses again Mrs. Eck?"

Then I got smart.  I bought frames that were sturdier, and I was able to keep them on my head...and that is where they stay.  I wake up and put the glasses on my head.  I take the glasses off and go to bed.  They are always perched upon my head. 

Last year during the first week of school, we had the students draw a picture of the teachers for a get-to-know-you activity.  I taught 4th grade then, and one of my students drew the glasses on my head.  (She even drew my dimples - those green things on my cheeks!)  She knew me better than she thought she did!


  1. That drawing is precious! I love the poem- I might have to try a short poem- they can say so much like this one does.

  2. I enjoyed this piece and I loved the drawing. Like you, I also wear my glasses on my head, but that's because I am constantly switching from distance glasses to reading glasses. (I cannot wear bifocals for the life of me!) My fourth graders think it is so funny when I have TWO pairs of glasses on my head!

  3. Love the drawing. I like this idea for a post. I will have to try it when I run out of ideas, which I know will happen.

  4. I love this! The 15 word poem was perfect and the back story and drawing only added to the perfection. Thanks for a post about something so simple that made me smile so much.

  5. I love this! The 15 word poem was perfect and the back story and drawing only added to the perfection. Thanks for a post about something so simple that made me smile so much.

  6. Perfect imagery in your poem! What a cute drawing and a pretty good likeness too. Maybe that should be your avatar. :-)

  7. I like the idea and tried it out today. My poem is very different than yours.

    The drawing is great, and the back story was fun to read! I love the line "waiting to see the world."

  8. Oh I love the poem and the picture!!! It's perfect, green dimples and all!!! I am a wearer of reading glasses too. I love getting funky looking frames. Mine stay on my head all day too...great minds! :)

  9. 15 words or less is now on my list! Loved the story about your glasses! Picture is priceless!

  10. I love this! You have inspired me with 15 words or less!! BTW, the illustration is precious! I love gathering little diamonds like this!

  11. Love it! I'm going to have to try some 15-word poetry myself. Thank you!

  12. I like how you played with poetry and memory. I got my first pair of glasses last fall. I don't take them to school yet. Children books have large enough font.