Friday, March 27, 2015

SOLC #27 I Am Defined

The Slice of Life March Challenge is hosted by Two Writing Teachers.

Earlier this week Amanda Regan wrote a slice about answering the question, "Are you a writer?"  I am sure many of us have questioned this ourselves.  I put my words out there for others to read, but I struggle with calling myself a writer.  Greg Armamentos wrote this down in the comments:

"The action is what defines you. Nothing more." 


I am a writer - because I write.
I am a reader - because I read.
I am a teacher - because I teach.
I am a liver - because I live.

(Ok, that one doesn't work very well.  Let me keep trying.)

I dream - therefore I am a dreamer.
I love - therefore I am a lover.
I believe - therefore I am a believer.

Because I learn - I am a learner.
Because I lead - I am a leader.
Because I do - I am a doer.

I am who I am
Because I do what I do
Therefore I am defined.

Thank you Greg and Amanda for being the inspiration behind this post.


  1. You are a writer. <3
    And God uses Your words to touch others.

  2. great post! I think we all struggle with this--at least everyone I know does. I am a writer because I write. yes!

  3. I am a liver too! :) I enjoyed this format very much. Thanks for making your blog a really positive place to be!

  4. I like the turn-around in this: "I am a ...because I ..." to ":Because I ... I am a..." We are defined by what we do. Because of this we are always evolving.

  5. Love the confidence in this piece!

  6. Leigh Anne, thank you for inviting me to be part of SOL15. I have watched other people slice, but would have totally missed this opportunity if it wasn't for your invitation, and encouragement to make it work!
    This post is lovely, because it speaks to each of us. We often can make the mistake of defining ourselves in the eyes of others, instead of on our own terms, and by our own actions. While I logically know this to be a fallacy, I still fall prey to it from time to time. On tomorrow's post, I write that I have been welcomed to define myself as a writer. This invitation didn't come until my time in grad school, because I allowed myself to be defined by others. It has only been through consistent writing, that I have come to understand that I hold the power to define myself, independent of the views of others.

  7. I love the way you defined you! Nice job with the Vanillapen.

  8. You are a talented writer! Your poem is another piece of evidence to support my case! The way you use Vanillapen is beautiful! Maybe you hang that picture somewhere near where you write!