Saturday, March 14, 2015

SOLC #14 Celebrate Turn #7

The Slice of Life March Challenge is hosted by Two Writing Teachers.  

My slice today is serving double duty because I am also celebrating with Ruth Ayres.

Today I am celebrating simple celebrations from last week.

First round of testing complete
Warmer weather
Pizza with my sister
Spring break
New books
Pre-parent/teacher conference milkshakes
And aides who go and get them!
Cleared off desk
Movie day post test celebration
Colleagues who make me laugh

I hope you have a great week and find many simple things to celebrate along the way.


  1. I like the idea of pre-conference milkshakes. Even though I don't have conferences in my position, I may have to encourage that tradition. Maybe this week, I'll get to celebrate a cleared off desk. I'm trying.

  2. Pre-conference coffees is how I usually fuel myself. Perhaps I should rethink this. Next week is conferences!

  3. New books?? What did you get??
    I share some of your celebrations too. The warmer weather certainly puts a smile on my face! Happy Week!

  4. Pizza! I had some wood-fired pizza last night that was wonderful! The sister time really is special. What is your favorite type of pizza? That could be a slice...

  5. I also love the pre-conference milkshakes!! Great idea! So much to celebrate, even if it is simple. But those little simples add up to TURNing to happiness! Enjoy your spring break with the warmer temps, sunshine, and books -- one more week for me.

  6. What a great list of things to celebrate! I'd like to do every one of them!

  7. Our conferences are this coming week, & the parents feed us lunch, but there's never been milkshakes-sounds great. Glad part of your testing is over! Have a great next week, Leigh Anne!

  8. Here's to milkshake getting aides...I need one of them

  9. "Pre-conference milkshakes"?!?! YES!!!!! So glad testing part one is over! Enjoy those new books!!!

  10. Cleared off desk is a big accomplishment. Love your celebrations!!

  11. I add to the chorus: pre-conference milkshakes?! Warm weather and laughter make the world lighter and brighter. Enjoy your spring break!

  12. I cleared off my desk at one of my two schools because they will be using it for testing next week. Ah, it felt good. Spring break! Celebrate!

  13. Milkshakes! What an idea. Sounds like you can see light in so many ways.

  14. What a wonderful list!
    Simple celebrations are so good for our hearts.
    - Loralee

  15. Love the list... a celebration and a slice. :-)