Sunday, March 6, 2022

At this hour...#SOL22

At this hour...  

I let out a sigh of relief as I finish the last yearbook pages.

Pork chops sizzle on the grill, "polluting" the neighborhood.

A cold root beer sits beside me keeping me company.

The clouds roll in signaling the rainy weather coming.

A cardinal serenades me, knowing I need his melody.

*Thank you Julieanne from To Read To Write To Be for my inspiration (or copying) for this slice.

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  1. Love this! Sometimes one hour at a time is all we can focus on. Have a great week, Leigh Anne!

  2. Isn't it lovely how just a simple list can become a charming poem. I love this, and will try to remember it for when I feel dry of ideas.

  3. Pork chop smells are my kind of polluting smells! We polluted with New York Strips ( a rare at home treat).

  4. I love this prompt. I added it to my list of slice ideas. I feel as though I was sitting right there with you. I love all of the senses included.

  5. Thank you for the inspiration today! I especially love the final line. Detroit has cardinals (South Dakota did not), and they are a great joy to see.

  6. I love the structure of this and will definitely be trying it, too! I bet you are so glad the yearbook is done! That sounds like a huge project.