Monday, March 28, 2022

Book Spine Poem #SOL22

We are reaching the end of  March, a time when ideas seem to come a little less frequently and when I struggle to write a story that engages me, let alone engaging a reader.

This is the time when a spine poem comes to the rescue. I love perusing my book shelves, running my fingers along the spines, and  looking for titles that capture my attention and vie for a spot in a stack.

I have written spine poems six years out of the nine years I have participated in the challenge. Two years I was so desperate for a slice, I used spine poems twice!

Here is this year's offering.

Can you see me?

beyond the bright sea,

under the broken sky,

just under the clouds,

shouting at the rain--

the simple art of flying.


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  1. Oh, this one is perfect, Leigh Anne! More of the magic of writing... if you look for it, it will come...

  2. I agree, these six books arranged this way create magic. Thanks for sharing. With April poetry Month around the corner, I'm bookmarking your slice as a mentor text to use with my students, too. Know you will be helping me teach in April!! And if I'm stuck tomorrow, maybe I'll give it a try, too!

  3. So creative! Adding this to my list of ideas! I wonder about going to the library with so many spines, choosing a section, like nature, and creating something there?! Thank you for sharing! I love the titles you put together!

  4. Beautiful. I don't think people realise that making these poems is harder than it looks.

  5. What wonderfully chosen titles! "Just under the clouds/ shouting at the rain" - an excellent combination.

  6. I have never written a book spine poem. Thank you for the inspiration. I used metaphor dice today. This was a perfect combination of titles.

  7. It is always interesting to see hos the titles of books can and do work together to make a poem. I keep saying I need to try this but never dhave.

  8. Wow. That's quite an amazing spine poem. I just tried this a few days ago and found it was really fun - and a good way to create a post when you're stuck.