Friday, March 11, 2022

Habit Stacking Part 2 #SOL22

Photo by Deniz Altindas on Unsplash

I recently read a post on Mrs. Shade's Blog Writing Momentum that led me to some further reading about habits and then led me to writing a post about habit stacking. If you want to start a new habit, then attach it to something you already do, such as eating breakfast, taking a shower, going to to bed.

I decided to give habit stacking a try this week.

My reading life has been in a slump, and it is not caused by anything negative like the pandemic. I have narrowed it down to two things:  change in bedtime routine and too much phone.

My bedtime routine has changed in the last six months. I am a night owl and my husband is an early to bed, early to riser. This has drastically limited my time reading in bed before I go to sleep because I don't want to keep him awake. I have also been finding myself grabbing my phone instead of a book, which leads to too much scrolling and not enough reading. (I bet none of you can relate to that, right?)

Trying to find a place to stack a reading habit was a bit challenging. I am a nighttime bather and spend lots of time soaking away the stresses of my day in the tub filled with hot bubbly water. I used to read in the tub all the time, but this has also become the place where I infinitely scroll! (I hear you gasping!)

This week, when I grab my towel and pajamas, I have also grabbed a book. And what do you know? I finished a book in just three nights. 

Maybe there is something to this habit stacking after all. Now if I could just stack cleaning my house to something...say like eating!


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  1. It is good to hear tha tthe habit stacking is working for you and your reading time has increased. Keep going!

  2. In March my reading life is dire! Good for you for finding something that works!

  3. I need to try habit stacking myself. The phone and the endless scrolling has replaced my bedtime reading--not good for my reading life or my sleep. Last night I exerted some discipline and actually read my book--which was much more enjoyable than scrolling and I also slept better. Why is self-management so hard????