Saturday, March 5, 2022

EJD Night #SOL22

Most Friday nights for me are pizza and crash-on-the-couch kind of nights. 

But not last night! Last night was EJD night, a night with a few of my high school friends. EJD is an acronym for Eight Jelly Donuts, which is what we called ourselves in high school because of pranks we did with jelly donuts. 

The eight of us have been friends for 45+ years, but are scattered across the country, which makes getting together a rare, but special occasion. The last time all eight of us were together was in 2016 although we have had some small groups such as last night.

When we get together, donuts usually find their way into our time together. Last night we met in a small southern town in Indiana that was a midpoint between central Indiana and Kentucky. This small town just happened to have a bakery that was open 24 hours. How serendipitous!

After dinner, we stopped in to grab a donut and coffee for our two-hour drives back to our separate homes. We needed a picture, so we asked an young girl to take it. As we were "posing" someone said something, and we erupted in laughter. We had no idea that she continued taking pictures.

But she captured the true essence of friendship. It's not the pose, but those small moments in-between. 

The joy,

the laughter, 

the gift.


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  1. Love this! What a wonderful sense of community and WITH DONUTS!

  2. The EJD acronym is precious. Thanks for writing in such a way we felt like we were part of this exclusive club forged across memories and a lifetime of friendship. Joy, laughter and connectedness is truly a gift. Loved reading your post!

  3. So much fun! The photo captured what a great experience you had being together. Donuts seem to make friendships even closer, don't they?

  4. Leigh Anne, my Friday nights are like your typical Friday nights. What a great picture of the EJDs. It sounds like a priceless night.

  5. Thank you for sharing this happy occasion! How wonderful to have such long lasting friendships. Even better with donuts!

  6. It's so great that you have this close group of friends to connect with. It sounds amazing!

  7. What a gift to have stayed close friends for so long. And that you drive 2 hours to see each other. You've written about this group before, so I know they mean so much to you. Consider yourselves blessed to have each other.