Monday, March 7, 2022

Ode to Thin Mints #SOL22

It is Girl Scout cookie time in southern Indiana, which means cookie booths are popping at grocery stores.

I was a Girl Scout and learned many skills along the way. I loved earning badges, wearing my uniform to school, and especially going to summer camps. I met someone with the same name as I had for the first time at summer camp.

As I was walking into a store this weekend, scouts had set up a booth stacked high with boxes of cookies. Three little girls were asking customers as they walked out of the store if they would like to purchase any cookies. One lady stopped and bought some as I was standing in line to do the same. Another little girl asked a couple, and they just walked on by. They didn't say no thank you or I have already bought some. They just walked on by with no acknowledgment at all.

I know I learned many skills as a scout, but I don't remember learning how to handle rude people.
As a tribute to Girls Scouts everywhere... 

Ode to Thin Mints

Oh, thin mints
you take me back in time
to my brown felt beanie,
and sash draped over my right shoulder,
and troop 572 and badges proudly displayed.
I see your sleek silver sleeve
of today's packaging
and taste your mixture of mint and chocolate
crushed on top of my bowl of vanilla bean ice cream.
But why Thin Mints, does your package get smaller
and your price get higher
time after time?

*This was a poem I wrote for a February challenge with the theme of time.


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  1. I love your ode and connection to time. This is one food that is not trending with the supersize idea.

  2. My daughter was a Girl Scout for several years. Unfortunately, there were many people who were rude to customers. Every year, we ended up teaching girls how to respond when someone was not so nice.

    I agree! Those cookie prices seem to get higher every year. And in most troops, only a small portion goes to the girls.

  3. You had me at thin mints! My favorite. Love your ode. I packaging, less cookies, and more expensive. I will be searching for some girls selling them soon!

  4. Oh goodness, what a sweet little poem (darn those rising costs--but oh so tastilly worth it).