Tuesday, March 1, 2022

More Advice from a Slice #SOL22

It is March 1st and once again, I have convinced myself to participate in the March Slice of Life Story Challenge for the ninth year in a row. 

I will say, it took a little bit more convincing this year. My life is slowly transitioning back to normal with less stress. But my writing life is still stuck in a rut, and I need something to pull me out of this hole I have been wallowing in.

If a slice could talk and tell me why I needed to complete this challenge, what would it say?

For my last slice of the 2021 challenge, I wrote a post titled "Advice from a Slice." The post seemed to have resonated with many people. As I reread it to begin the month's journey, I decided I needed to repost it to remind me just what this challenge is all about. 

It's not about the prizes, it's not about a competition, (see Terje's post) and it's not even about people reading my stories (although community a BIG plus to anyone's writing!). It's about creating a habit. It's about writing for me. It's about finding and telling my story because no one else can tell it...

...but me.

 Advice from a Slice

Find the ordinary.

Capture the small moment.

Look for the unexpected.

Look everywhere.

Keep a notebook.

Write from the heart.

Tell the story.

Warn your friends and family.

Silence the critic.

Tame the fear.

Accept grace.

Just hit the publish button.


I hope this slice gives you a bit of encouragement as we begin another month of writing together.

Join Two Writing Teachers and other teacher-writers as we 
share a slice of life during the month of March. 


  1. I NEEDED to read your post this morning. This is my 10th year and I had to convince myself that I needed to get back into the writing habit. It is certainly not about the prizes but it is about this community of familiar and unfamiliar voices that inspires and encourages all of us. Welcome back

  2. Just what I needed this morning. I am still wary of taking this challenge, but I really want to recharge my habits and I know this community will buoy me up. Here we go again - glad you're here, too.

  3. I am glad you are here. It is interesting that even after years of blogging and knowing what helps me in writing, I still needed to read the advice. Here's to capturing the small moments!

  4. Thank you for the great advice. Your recent post on Facebook prompted me to come back; I was really on the fence tipping towards not rejoining. I am glad I did!

  5. That list is Just Right to read on the first day. Here we go again. I'm glad we are all in it together!

  6. Love this! Putting it in my notebook. I'm not sure that I read it last year. It's impossible to keep up with everyone's posts (even as a retired person). Your post on FB made me reconsider my decision to not participate this year. Thanks for the encouragement.

  7. This is the BEST advice, Leigh Anne. I, too, have really struggled in my writing life this year. These lines really resonated with me, "It's about creating a habit. It's about writing for me."

    Thank you for showing up!

  8. Thanks for your wise words- saving them for me and the fifth graders I hope will slice next month. Glad you are back!

  9. So glad you are here, Leigh Anne! Struggling is part of life, part of a writing life but we have to face those struggles, fall down, get up and write on! You've got this and remember to find the fun - it's not ALL work :)

  10. This is good advice for both seasoned slicers as well as newbies. I think sometimes we are over critical of what we write that we hesitate to hit that "publish" button. Your advice helps us get over that.

  11. Tell the story. So simple, and so hard to remember sometimes. Thank you for the advice, and for traveling this road with me.

  12. This month is a good way to find motivation, and your slice advice strikes the right tone. I’m encouraged to see so many participants this year given there will be no prize. The skeptic in me wondered. And I’m glad you’re here, my friend.

  13. Yes, it's writing for me! I was close to not joining this year, but I've grown so much in these 31 days that I didn't want to miss out on that growth for me. So glad you're writing also.

  14. I needed this post today, even on day 8. Thank you for sharing!