Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Honesty #SOL22

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"Mom," she says in one long drawn out syllable.

I knew this wasn't going to be good. She proceeds to tell me that she scraped a car while turning into a parking spot during an out-of-town basketball tournament. She explains that a man walking by, a former police officer, and she does not see any damage.

"What should I do? Should I just leave it? Leave a note with my name and phone number?"

After discussing the situation, she decides to leave a note and goes on to coach her game, which they lost by 20 points. Think her mind was someplace else?

Saturday night goes by. No phone call. 

Sunday goes by. No phone call.

She is really thinking she is in the clear, yet she still feels she did the right thing by being honest.

Monday is President's day, and she is off from school. As she is taking a nap, she receives a voice mail. Uh-oh. The lady leaves her number and asks her to call to discuss the damage.

Turns out there was $2400 damage done to the car. She's owning it. 

But not one thank you for being honest.


  1. Wow. She did the right thing and it sucks she wasn't commended at all. I like your writing style!

  2. WOW! Our college kids recently had someone do the same to him! We were so appreciative and grateful! There is a definite slide in the wrong direction with social skills! Your kid clearly learned the lesson of what not to do if the roles are ever reversed!

  3. UGH!! I still applaud you daughter for her honesty and doing, what I think, was right. It may be a hefty price now, but I do believe, in the long run, her actions will result in kindness coming her way! Thanks for sharing, Leigh Anne. (Oh, and those long drawn out Mom's are always the sign of something)

  4. Someone lost control of her vehicle and plowed through our neighbors yard, knocking over an antique light post, destroying their fence, and hitting their stone wall. I was surprised to find her insurance information taped to their front door. They spend the winter in Florida. Yes, there was a mess, but the person did the right thing. That should always be recognized.

  5. Good for her for doing the right thing - and poop on the person who failed to recognize it. Of course she should "own it", but the older I get, the more I think that a few well-placed thank yous can really make the world a little more kind.

  6. So great to hear of a young person with great character. It should have been recognized by someone else, but I hope you are able to let her know that because she "owned it", lots of us on this blog post have recognized what a special person she is.

  7. She sounds like a wonderful young lady and it is great she knows she did the right thing and that's most important but it really would have been nice to get a thank you. Well you can let her know we are all impressed with her and would have said "thank you"