Sunday, March 13, 2022

Quotes and Collages #SOL22

A few years ago, my friend Michelle Haseltine began a Facebook group called the #100DaysofNotebooking. Because I wanted to create a more consistent habit of writing in my notebook, I joined many others in this challenge. 

I am a notebook starter-stopper. I start one notebook, but for whatever reason (excuse) I would never finish it. Then I would start another one, and the cycle would run on repeat. 

That was until I joined this group. For the first time ever, I filled an entire notebook. It took me much longer than 100 days, but I did it.

Filling this first notebook was a great accomplishment, but I also found myself with this feeling of "not good enough." I loved the beautiful pages with artwork and doodles and sketchnoting that people shared. 

I wanted beautiful pages, but I knew I could never draw or create like that.

I came across journal pages using collage from kathrynzbrzenzy on Instagram. But could I tear and paste and create beautiful pages through collaging? 

I began searching and found other paper craft people to follow on YouTube and Instagram, and a collage monster was born. 

I now have a collection of stamps, ink pads, blenders, pads of  paper, washi tape, stickers, digital ephemera, and containers full of torn, scrap paper. 

My journals are now filled with collages and writing.

One of my favorite notebooks is my quote collector. It is a a small notebook with a quote on one side and a collage on the other. 

Creating collages has filled a void I didn't know I had. Ripping and gluing paper is pure joy. Searching for and finding ephemera in antique stores is exhilarating.

Creativity comes in many forms. And yes, even in torn paper.

I would love to add your favorite quote to my collection. Check out yesterday's post with an invitation to a "writing retreat" where you must bring and share a quote!


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  1. So pretty! Thank you for sharing. I have gotten back into collage this year after many years of not doing it! Thank you for the inspiration.

  2. Oh, how beautiful. What a wonderful hobby. I wish you many hours of joy.

  3. I always love seeing your pages, Leigh Anne. I just read a post you might enjoy. It is about beautiful art created over 300 years ago with ripped paper.

  4. These pages are beautiful! I absolutely love the idea of quotes with accompanying artwork on the side. I would love to try to do this too.

  5. I'm a starter and stopper, too, Leigh Anne. Have you ever read any of Susan Wooldridge's books about collaging - like Foolsgold and Poem Crazy? She inspired me to want to create collages, so I did, even drew for a while, but I would get busy. Now what I do is buy stickers if I go somewhere - like the kind you might put on the back of a car. I cover my journals with them like the old steamer luggage stamped with places folks have been. And that's my version of collage I can commit to. Yes, I'm a sticker collager. My speed. I so wish I could commit to the beauty of the collages you share today.

  6. I'm in awe of your quotes and collages. Interesting that you've filled a void you didn't know you had. I rarely finish notebooks, but I love adding to the many I have. I think I might follow Kim's lead and become a sticker collager!

  7. Your collages are stunning! I have been in awe of your creations for a while. I have always wanted to join Michelle's 100 days of notebooking. Maybe next year.

  8. So beautiful, thank you so much for sharing your book, I'm truly inspired!

  9. Your notebook is fabulous, it must be so satisfying to go through it, well done for completing one, doesn't matter how long it took. Collaging is very satisfying and the quotes are amazing.

  10. I love your notebook pages. So inspiring!

  11. Beautiful! I really love your quote notebook! Thank you for sharing it. Very inspiring! I love quotes but have no way to preserve them. I'm thinking this would also work well with favorite bible verses.