Thursday, March 10, 2022

Five-Thing Thursday #SOL22


Join Two Writing Teachers and other teacher-writers as we 
share a slice of life during the month of March. 

It's a Five-Thing Thursday kind of day!
  1. We had a March carry-in with yummy food and lots of laughs while eating together.
  2. We had an extended day for parent/teacher conferences and suicide prevention training and testing accommodations training (thus the reason for my short slice today!).
  3. We had a Theodore Roosevelt impersonator, and he was very entertaining.
  4. I have a little time to read slices and read a few pages in my book before I crash.
  5. I have one more day until spring break.


  1. I'd love to see the TR impersonator. I've never been a fan of his given his stance on Native Americans, but after reading The Big Burn recently, I have much more respect for TR. He gets credit for public lands and national forests, but he was a racist. Hope tomorrow goes quickly. That day before break can be brutal.

  2. A perfect slice for the day before spring break!! I'm jealous. We still have two more weeks!

  3. Very interesting, A Theodore Roosevelt impersonator, that was a surprise twist in your list. Have a fabulous spring break and hope tomorrow goes by quickly and joyously!!!

  4. So glad for your upcoming Spring Break. Mine isn't until April, so I'm a tad jealous.