Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Beginning and Ending My Day #SOL22


Join Two Writing Teachers and other teacher-writers as we 
share a slice of life during the month of March. 

I began my day...
  • with a breakfast date with my husband at Old Thyme Diner, a quaint spot downtown that thankfully, survived the pandemic. 
  • posting my slice.
  • cleaning the house.
  • cutting out words from magazines to use for my poetry project in April.

I ended my day...
  • watching my husband play with his new "toy" - a 1961 Scout.
  • eating cherry pie to celebrate Pi Day!
  • reading in my clean living room.
  • reading and commenting on posts.
  • a sunset walk.


  1. Great, simple slice! One that we could all copy. Your day sounds lovely! So glad you got to enjoy pie day. I'm thinking of celebrating a day late.

  2. I forgot Pi Day! Can I celebrate a day later! Oh I am so upset with myself. I am glad you remembered. Cherry pie - one of my favorites! - Wordancerblog

  3. A clean house - - what a gift and a great way to relax, knowing you don't need to get up and clean. When the house is in order, the mind is in order. Right now, I need to do some ordering in my walls.

  4. This is a great slice format! Also- go you for cleaning the house and then getting to relax in that clean house later! That is the best.