Friday, March 9, 2018

A Buzz #sol18

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It's been awhile since I've had a buzz...and I don't mean the adult beverage kind. I'm talking about the language arts buzz in the hallway.

We read an Article of the Week on a regular basis in our classroom. I try to find articles that will appeal to 6th graders or ones that feature current events that I feel my students need to know about and understand.  This week I chose one about Logan Paul and his You Tube video about the suicide forrest.  It was an opinion article, and I felt like it would create some interesting conversations in our classroom.  I found out they had some very strong opinions of their own.

Kids came in asking, "Are we really reading about Logan Paul?"

"Yes, we are."

After class they ran to their friends telling them about the article.  Students in the math class next door overheard me and asked the math teacher, "Did Mrs. Eck just say Logan Paul?  Does she know who he is?"

Actually, I didn't before I heard about the video on social media.  But they don't need to know that!

I'll just let them keep thinking that they have a pretty cool language arts teacher!


  1. Ha, you are are a pretty cool teacher! I had no idea who Logan Paul was and just googled him. Disgusting! I have opinions too, apparently.

  2. The cool teacher... yes, you. Cool to make sure students are aware of what’s going on in the world and helping them learn to articulate their opinions. Keep creating that buzz.

  3. I had to Google who this person is before I could comment. It's fabulous that you could connect with your kids and be cool! As a 6th grade teacher, I get the cool factor. When they tell me that, usually they are laughing.

  4. My girls and I have had so many conversations about the Paul brothers and some other You-tubers who I feel are ridiculously offensive. I was happy to find out that they are not frequent viewers of these guys, but definitely knew who they were.

    Finding those engaging articles for kids to buzz about isn't always easy. When I taught seventh grade, I could usually find something if I looked long enough. Third grade.... a little harder.

  5. Creating buzz is what it is all about! I bet part of that is because you were asking them their opinion on something that isn't necessarily a quick opinion-creator because it is relevant and impactful. Kudos!

  6. Leigh Anne,
    My students have been slicing about him and I have no idea who he is or what the whole controversy is about. Please send me that article so I can be a cool ELA teacher, too. You rock!

  7. What was the article? I would love to share it with my students, too!