Sunday, March 25, 2018

I Wait... #sol18

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8:30 PM - I hit submit and wait.
129 and 75
and wait.

9:45 PM - I check it again before I go to bed.
122 and 68

8:30 AM - I wake up, check my email, make sure my scheduled post went live,
and check it again.
103 and 49
and wait.

Eat breakfast, shower, throw a load of laundry in.
and check it again.
73 and 27

11:00 AM - Yes! Made some progress this morning,
and I wait some more.

Go to Walmart. Come back and check it again. 
52 and 10

1:15 PM - They're getting closer,
yet still I wait.

I can't stand it, so one more check.
44 and 4
2:09 PM - Ugh! and still I wait.

When I submit an assessment for my graduate class, it tells me how many papers are ahead of mine.  Last night when I submitted my second assignment for the day, I had 75 ahead of me for the first one and 129 for the second one.

I like knowing where I am in line, but I get just a little obsessive.  I even keep track of the numbers on a sticky note and try to determine how many they score per hour. (Yes, they evaluate 24/7!)

And when I see this...

I know they are evaluating.

and I wait some more.

Until I see this!

Yes!  I passed.

And now,  

I wait for the second one - 39 more to go!


  1. I could not figure out what the numbers meant. Wow, that's some kind of technology to know how many papers are ahead of you. Congrats on the passing, but of course I wasn't surprised.

  2. Congratulations! I hope that you are celebrating this accomplishment!

  3. This was suspenseful to read... Congratulations!

  4. Yeah for you! I hope you are planning a celebration.
    Your post had me anxiously waiting with you - and guessing what you were waiting for.
    Glad it was good news!

  5. Ha, virtual lines! I just imagined all those documents standing in that line. One for each of it's authors. So polite of them to do the waiting, and to keep you updated! Thanks for the post!

  6. Oh how nerve wrecking the waiting can be. At the same time it is rather amusing that it inspired a slice.

  7. I also didn't know what the numbers were, but the short lines made waiting until the end possible and likely much like the waiting you do to be graded. (Usually I will skip ahead to see how it turns out and then reread from the beginning, but your post kept me hooked all the way through.)

  8. My OCD would kill me. . . no patience at all but that seems to function like a progress bar. I would have to go do many, many things as I know the watched pot does not help.

    Congratulations, and thanks for "drawing out" the anticipation for us as readers. Seeing the numbers go down was important . . .just not much meaning attached until your CLEVER reveal!

  9. Oh, I would be checking and checking too. Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you. Your hard work is paying off!

  10. Congrats! I hope you are resting a little bit tonight. Keep getting after it!

  11. I had no idea what the numbers meant either! Congrats on your accomplishments! Such a great feeling!

  12. Congratulations! I loved that you wrote the numbers down and tried to figure out how long it would take. I so relate to that!!!