Saturday, March 24, 2018

Empty Nest #sol18

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If you are experiencing an empty nest or standing on the edge of one, I encourage you read this post by Ann Voskamp

I'll be waiting...

Love and pain are two chambers of the same heart
that pump courage through the aching veins. ~ Ann Voskamp

I'm glad you came back, but I must say, my words are not nearly as beautiful as hers.  

Her post must have lingered in my heart and in my mind because tonight as I was working on a "snippet" poem, these words found me.

Try to remember
the tug of love.
It gets easier...
and then they leave
all grown up.

Give something wonderful
from old roots,
our most cherished values,
home, sweet home.

It's a guarantee.

The house seems just a little too quiet tonight.

Bloggers note: the idea of a found poem from snipped words from magazines came from Elsie.  The word "snippet poem" just evolved into my own repertoire. This is a great slice idea, and I have used it several times. Here is Elsie's slice, my original inspiration.


  1. Oh, I love this snippet poem! I must confess that I often yearn for the days that are quieter. My house had TOO much life sometimes, but I know that it goes by quickly and I am sure that it is has taken some adjustment to the empty nest.

  2. The empty nest makes me sad, and I find your poem beautiful and haunting. I don’t see my boys often enough.

  3. I'd never heard of these being called "snippet poems" but "found words" is what I've used, and I love this. My first child to leave the home will be moving out soon, and I feel the pinch of truth in this. Lovely.

  4. Gah! The FEELS!!!! Beautiful sentiment, beautifully stated.

  5. Beautiful sentiments. Our nest has been empty for quite some time, but then my daughter moved back in while she was going to school.After she left again we got a dog to fill the space, and this weekend we are watching my daughter's two dogs.
    "Home sweet home. It's a guarantee."

  6. What a perfect combination of words! Oh the heart that is filled with love hates to let go, but knows it must. The nest just becomes full in a new way, new people to love that are brought in by your children.
    I've been cutting out some words, but they are not jelling like yours.

  7. The empty nest is much harder than I anticipated. Mine are back for the weekend to celebrate my birthday. I know I’ll need to readjust again tomorrow evening.

  8. Less words than the inspiration you used, but the emotion is strong and raw.

  9. I love your capture all those feelings that come with our children moving on. Next, I really like this idea of creating a poem. I'm going to go check Elsie's post to learn more. Thanks so much for sharing!

  10. I love your poem. Found poetry is some of my favorite kind of poetry, and yours is especially powerful!

  11. I want to try snippet poems with my students during April. These found words work together to express how we hold down the fort for our kids to return.