Thursday, March 22, 2018

One of Us #sol18

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I have written about my high school friends in several posts.  Although we live in places throughout the country, we have been friends for almost 40 years. We get together every couple of years, and since I began blogging, I have documented our times together. 

I wrote about our Homecoming celebrations; how we recreated our junior prom picture - 34 years laterturning 50 together and the power of our friendship; and our social media of the 1980's - writing notes.

We began calling ourselves the EJDs, or eight jelly donuts, in high school, and we affectionately refer to that name still today.

A few years ago, one of us had a bracelet made with each of our birthstones. It is a gift each of us treasures.  The bracelet not only symbolizes our friendship, but also our collective strength.

This past year, one of us began to experience some health issues. One of our links was weakened. Yesterday, one of us was home to visit and those of us who live close by got together for lunch. 

For almost three hours...

We laugh.

We cry.

We remember.

We find joy in the forgotten.

Tears begin to slip as we say goodbye.

We hug tight.

We send our strength to the one of us who needs it.

And we know in our hearts,

our friendship

is strong,

and yes, 

our story continues.


  1. Beautiful. Just beautiful. I have some anxieties about getting older and losing friends to health issues, so your slice reminds me of that and I hope your friend pulls through and gets well fast. Thank you for sharing this heartfelt slice.

  2. I know you mentioned your dear friend who is ill when you stopped by my blog the other day. It is my sincere hope that you will be able to spend some quality time together AND that she gets better soon.

    1. Thank you Stacey! We keep praying and lifting her up, and she keeps healing. She gave us good news during her visit, and we are thankful.

    2. I thank god for her every day then I thank him that she has her 7 jelly doughnuts in her life! She's blessed to have such great friends in her life! When prayers and friends get together, anything can happen. I'm sorry though, because I am the most blessed, because I get to be her SISTER...

  3. This gift of friendship is priceless! Lives will change, but this bond will stay strong for each other. I envy you that connection.

  4. What a beautiful slice about friendship! I am in awe that this friendship has lasted so long. I also envy that you have such close lifelong friends!

  5. Love this gift of your friendship! That picture of you guys is fabulous! Prayers to one of your EJDs that she is healthy and strong quickly. Oh, and then to read your sister's comment ... so blessed is right!!

  6. So much to love in this post - the photo, the bracelet, and your social media of the 1980s - writing notes (It's all we had in the 70s). And I love the Helen Keller quote about friendship, putting it in my notebook right now.

    1. Praying that your friend continues her road to healing.

  7. Praying for you and your friends and for healing. These friends are so precious. What a blessing!