Saturday, March 3, 2018

Signs of Spring #sol18

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I am also celebrating my week with Ruth Ayres.  Here's what I am celebrating today!

Today my daughter and I pull up to the school, and she lets out a faint gasp.

"What?" I ask her.

"Look at how light it is today!  I hadn't really noticed it until today. Right this minute. But look!"

I pick up my bag and look around.  I, too, notice the difference in the 7:00 am light and say, "This must be a sign that spring is near."

After school, I look around and notice things are a-changing.

Red maples open their doors, 
greeting us with hello.

Daffodils stick out their tongues, mocking Ole Man Winter.

Tulips hint at planting a kiss, leaving behind their red lipstick stain.

Yes, spring is coming!


  1. Love how through dialogue and images and the act of looking, you celebrate! Now I want to go outside and LOOK too! Happy Spring!

  2. One of my favorite things about reading slices in March is to see how and when spring comes to the different slicers around the country. Being up here in Maine, it gives me hope that it is indeed coming! Love this!

  3. I miss spring! I have been living in a country of perpetual summer (Malaysia) for the last four years. I love the way your daughter triggered all sorts of noticings.

  4. I LOVE how you blended photos with writing snippets. Spring is springing here in North Carolina, too. Daffodils are waking, the Bradford Pear trees are blooming, and grass is getting taller. Soon our cars will all turn yellow. :) I love this season--and love how you captured it in this piece.

  5. I look forward to hints of spring every year! I really like the poetic feel of your words and photos. I hope more spring secrets emerge for you today!
    God bless.

  6. Leigh Anne, I agree that writing makes us SO much more aware of changes that we may not notice otherwise. I adore how you infused short snippets of dialog and images-this gives so many ideas! It makes me want to run in my back yard right now to see if there are any buds in my backyard yet!

  7. Daffodils stick out their tongues at Old Man Winter- great line!!

  8. I've been noticing these changes too. I love to see them even when I know there's a chance we'll get more snow at some point this month.

  9. Spring still seems so far away here in Maine, but this post reminds me it's coming! Thanks for that glimpse.

  10. Lucky you! Can't wait for spring to start in Estonia.

  11. Lovely! Your vivid descriptions urge me to run outside and see what I'M missing. And now I have found a new teacher to follow. Win. Win.

  12. Yes! Spring is peeking out here in Iowa too! I love this! The sun is out, the wind isn't freezing. The puppy is sassy again. Hooray for spring!