Saturday, March 10, 2018

Capture the Moment #sol18

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"Being in the moment is becoming more important 
than capturing the moment."

I heard this quote in the middle of a discussion on K-LOVE radio today. The woman was talking about how technology, specifically the use of cameras on our phones, has changed the way we capture moments.

She went on to discuss a wedding she attended and how the guests were using cell phones to take pictures of the bride walking down the aisle.  People had pictures out on social media before the bride even said, "I do."

Are we becoming a society who is placing too much importance on being in the moment? Are we becoming a society who wants to be first to let the world know about something?  Is our desire to be part of the moment over stretching our boundaries and preventing us from capturing it?


This quote had me thinking about my writing life. As writers, I think we do both. I find myself (especially during the month of March) being more in tune with the moments of my day and paying attention to my world. 

I walk around with a metaphorical butterfly net, just watching and waiting.

To use the words from Andy Schoenborn, we "freeze-frame" those moments and stack words to capture them. It's what we do as writers.

We capture the moment while being present in the moment.

Today, go out into the world, 
                                       be in the moment, 

                                                            and capture it.


  1. I love your metaphorical butterfly net. That is so true for March, every action or thought is analyzed as "is this my slice?" My husband hates this month, but I enjoy it. I try to catch that moment in my mind or camera to bring it to life with my words.

  2. I love this metaphorical butterfly net too! There is such a balance between collecting stories and not missing the stories that are right in front of you!

  3. Your metaphor is a good one. Well chosen topic. So relevant this month. I have caught myself several times this month drafting a slice in my head. As soon as it happens I try to return to the moment.

  4. Yep. I think we all have that net during March. Trying to write pictures with words. I've been taking my notebook with me everywhere so I have it anytime I want to jot something down to remember later.

  5. I am completely guilty of losing the presence of a moment in order to capture it. I found myself Snapping clips of a concert I was at last night over and over again. I caught myself and spent the rest of the concert just enjoying the music. But this morning, I was able to use some of those clips and pictures to write a great review of the show. It's a balance for sure, and something I am constantly monitoring. Thanks for giving me something to think about and consider!

  6. What a beautiful post (and such an interesting thought). I find that writing helps me to notice more, and I think that it is a great practice to be in. However, I have found that I sometimes miss the moment when I am so concerned about snapping a photo instead of enjoying it.