Saturday, March 31, 2018

Since March 1st #sol18

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We did it!  It is hard to believe the month of March is over.  I took a form I saw at the beginning of the month and put a different spin on it and summarized my month.

It was certainly a full month of being a writer, a student, and a teacher.

Since March 1st, I...
  • co-hosted #TeachWrite Twitter chat
  • planned the April chat
  • started a grad class
  • finished a grad class
  • created and delivered a presentation at our faculty meeting
  • survived my son's college spring break trip to Myrtle Beach
  • started our middle school yearbook
  • finished our middle school yearbook
  • completed the first round of our standardized testing
  • started a notebook (trying to have something to say for our May #TeachWrite chat)
  • read Kate Roberts' new book A Novel Approach
  • read Reimagining Writing Assessment by Maja Wilson
  • joined a Voxer group to discuss it (brilliant minds in that group!)
  • said hello and goodbye to spring break
    • rejuvenated
  • watched the movie Wonder for the first time
    • cried
  • had lunch with high school friends
    • laughed
  • wrote 31 slices
    • celebrated
May we all continue to find the stories that make up our lives.


  1. That's sure an impressive list of accomplishments this month. I'm impressed by the starts and finishes all in one month, started the yearbook, finished the yearbook, started a grad class, finished a grad class. And what you didn't mention was your day job of teaching, teaching, teaching. Your energy amazes me.

  2. I was surprised to read your tag, “my comment count was low.” Commenting is something I’ve thought a lot about this month.

    How was Maja’s new book? I love her book Rethinking Rubrics.” This new one sound similar.

    1. Glenda - I used a poor choice of words in my tag. I meant that I have not read and commented on other slices like I would have liked because this month has been so busy. I did not mean that I did not get comments. Thank you for pointing that out - I went back to TWT and added a clarification.

    2. I just saw that—but not before referencing your tag in my post. I don’t think I’ll change it. I saw a very sad post earlier this month from a second time slicer who was very confused about the absence of comments on her posts after getting so many last year.

  3. Holy.Buckets. You need a rest. I mean I know we love our jobs, but you need to have summer break to rest! I'm curious about what you presented on to your staff? I joined the Teach Write Facebook page. I'm trying to set up some more frameworks to keep writing in front of my face. :) Congrats to your writing accomplishments this month!

  4. I thought I had a busy month, but you SURELY had one crazy, busy month! I say that if you ask a busy women to get a job done, she certainly will!

  5. I enjoyed this tally with the partial list of all you've done this month. I just got A Novel Approach in the mail yesterday (just had to after listening to Kate on the Heinemann podcast; she's a hoot.) How do you find Voxer groups to join? I think I'd LOVE that but I'm clueless how to begin. As always, I have loved reading your blog each and every day this month.

  6. Love this reflection on your month. March has been BUSY! Thank you for this format. I'm not ready to reflect on the month yet, still processing, but this may help me in writing it.

  7. Great reflective piece. You have accomplished so much! Congrats!

  8. Wow! You've had quite the busy month. Put your feet up and relax. Wait, I think I read somewhere that you were writing poetry for April. I think I'll be giving that a try as well. Let's enjoy our evening and buckle back in tomorrow. I wonder what your April list will look like.

  9. It is good to pause and acknowledge what we have accomplished... that's one of the features I like about the bullet journal, crossing off complete tasks and migrating forward those that are still worth completing. Not worth completing? Strike it out. :) See you on Tuesdays!

  10. WOW! You've been busy! But you made time for writing anyway, which is great.