Tuesday, March 20, 2018

They'd see - but wouldn't know #sol18

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I saw this form on a round-up by Elana at Fall Hugs.  During the weekend comment challenge, she curated a list of forms for her students. Although I borrowed it from Elana, she does not cite where she found it. So, thank you to the original slicer.

If someone would walk into your house, what would they see but wouldn't know.  This was a fun way to share just a little bit more about me and my quirky family.

If someone walked into my home at this moment...

They's see freshly baked snicker doodles, just waiting for a cold glass of milk,
But wouldn't know my husband was the baker.

They'd see me watching The Voice, just waiting for Blake's team in the Battle Rounds,
But wouldn't know it is the ONLY television show I watch.

They'd see a child's table and chair in the dining room, just waiting for a tea party,
But wouldn't know my children are now 25 and 21.

They's see a real Mr. Potato Head in the kitchen window, just waiting for me someone to throw him away,
But wouldn't know it has been there for over three months and now has wrinkles, a tail, and "eyes" for ears.


They'd see that I wrote a slice,
But wouldn't know that this was NOT what I intended to write!


  1. Only on tv show! Impressive. Thank you for sharing another awesome format I might try. A little try here:
    Looking into my classroom after school,
    They would see me typing on the computer
    But wouldn't know I am writing a comment to you, a SOLSC slicer.

  2. So much depends on the know rather than the see. Love this format, it has my mind churning and wondering what would I show, then tell the missing info. What are you going to do with that potato?

    1. I have no idea! My quirky family does not want me to throw it away. It just sits there and smiles at me while I am in the kitchen.

  3. I love this so much, Leigh Anne! Might have to try this format. We're huge Voice fans at my house too--it's my son's favorite show. Your final lines here made me smile. This is the story of nearly every one of my slices!

  4. Once again I find a form I like and learn more about the slicer. Thanks! I wish my husband baked. Yum!

  5. What Margaret said! My husband bakes, he insisted that we bake cookies for the new neighbors. I wanted to just get a small gift card to the local grocery store. :) I love reading these formats because I learn so much about the writers!