Sunday, March 11, 2018

Since Last March... #sol18

Join Two Writing Teachers and other teacher-writers as we share a slice of life every single day in the month of March.

A popular slice has been one where the slicer shares things that have happened since last March. I thought I would use this idea today.

Since last March...

  • I have written 51 ones blog posts (that's about 25 behind the previous year)
  • My son left for college
  • My daughter began her 3rd year of teaching
  • I celebrated 27 years of marriage
  • My sister became a cancer survivor
  • I lost my 92 year old grandmother
  • I organized a one book, one district, one community reading of the book Wonder
  • I began working toward my Master's degree
  • I presented at two conferences
  • I co-created a Twitter chat, a Facebook group, and a supportive tribe of teacher-writers
  • I was asked to help submit a proposal for NCTE this fall (if accepted, it will be my first one!)
  • I chose STEP as my one little word
because every journey begins with a single step.


  1. Lots of steps in this past year... keep going forward, I look forward to hearing more of your steps.

  2. Wow! This is quite an impressive list. It sounds like it has been a good year for you. Good luck with your Master's education, and I hope your proposal for NCTE is accepted.

  3. So much here, Leigh Ann. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Yeah, Leigh Anne! It's been quite a year for you. Congratulations on all you've accomplished and all that's yet to come for you. Love this format and am adding to my ever-growing Padlet --

  5. What a great year you have had, Leigh Anne. Here's hoping this coming year is just as great

  6. I'm impressed, Leigh Anne! Isn't it good to look back on the accomplishments; just think what you will be able to list next March. I wish you well with your Master's Degree. And here's hoping that your proposal for NCTE is approved.

  7. You've had quite a year! I am so glad you started the Facebook group. I needed teacher writers to help me and support me.

  8. Wow! That's a big list! Wishing you luck with the master's degree and the NCTE proposal!

  9. Totally using this for tomorrow.